Carreg Concepts

Since 2018, Carreg is delighted to be able to further expand its high-quality offerings with comprehensive in-house design services. From original concept to installation, you can work with Carreg Concept’s professional design team to complete the aesthetics of your build project.

Why add Carreg Concepts’ in-house design to your project?

At Carreg, we believe in designing thriving spaces for our customers, not creating buildings we think are habitable. An integral part of the process of turning the buildings we create from a house into your home includes creating your dream interiors which specifically suit your lifestyle. We aim to meet the precise needs of you and your family, so tell us your wildest wishes and we’ll do everything we can to realistically make those design dreams come true.

By using Carreg for the build and the design of your property, your project can literally be coordinated under one roof. The communication between internal teams means that you can relax, knowing everything is being taken care of by one cohesive team. Having your construction and interior requirements handled by Carreg means that we can advise and implement what can and can’t be sensibly achieved to make your interior dreams come true.

How the Carreg Concepts design services work.

A design consultation will take place during the planning and consulting stage, allowing you to fully articulate your desires and requirements.
Our in-house designer will provide visual options, helping you to develop and finalise a design brief that you’re happy with.
Our experienced in-house design team has the knowledge that every design is bespoke and needs to work within your setting, goals and budget.
The designer then liaises with members of our internal team to enhance the architectural and interior design services.
To discuss Carreg Concepts’ in-house design options, please contact us today and we’ll happily consult on your unique project, or follow us on social media for more design inspiration.